Eyez ‘Canada’s Queen of Hip-Hop’

Hailed as the newest star of Canadian Urban Music, Eyez has a clear vision to claim the throne as the country’s Queen of Hip-Hop. There’s something very real and authentic about this young rapper’s delivery and attitude, resulting in several early successes and industry accolades on her road to super stardom.

Born and raised in Toronto, 22 year old Eyez (Melissa Vitale) endured the hardships and challenges with growing up in the inner city. Surrounded by the influences of criminal elements and temptation, she has struggled with her own sense of Yin and Yang. In contrast, Eyez also pursued her creative interests, including a degree in Opera from the Royal Conservatory. Additionally, as the biracial daughter of an Italian father and a West Indian mother, she has a unique multicultural perspective to offer and of course, stunning good looks. While involved separately in both her studies and a modelling career, Eyez has chosen to focus her talents toward developing a solid debut album as a Hip-Hop artist.

Things began quickly. After meeting with the Fortune Tellahs, a Canadian music Production group, her introduction came on a 2002 recording of Carlito’s “Just Like Me”. The song, which features Eyez on the chorus alongside Canadian legend Maestro, was very well received. The video also opened doors for Eyez, and she has since been seen across the country performing on the Mike Bullard Show, at Muchmusic and at many other venues nationwide.

After several offers, she is in the studio now with the above mentioned Fortune Tellahs, working on the completion of her debut album. Even at this early stage in her career, Eyez is confirming that she is more than ready for her newest challenge. Her potential has been recognized by independent labels, major A&R scouts, and veterans in the game, whom she is working closely with. As industry insiders are quietly whispering about the budding career of this standout performer, she is putting the finishing touches on what will surely become a classic moment in Hip-Hop history.

Never before has a female rap artist been able to walk that fine line between sexy and serious; between being commercially viable and lyrically respected; but also by being both intoxicatingly beautiful and extremely Dangerous.

Then again, never before has the world been witness to the dynamic personality, of Eyez.


~ by Rodolfo Oliveira on June 25, 2008.

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