If Only Nas Was A Real “Hero”

If only Nas was a real “Hero” he would been able to make his party a smash hit instead of just another dull event for the rich & famous. According to Bossip Nas Album Release party wasn’t much of a hit, Nas didn’t even show up until 1 o’clock in the morning. A few party goers were also sayin that once Nas stepped on the scene he was kind of feelin his self a bit to much. In attendance to this event was, LL Cool J, Lloyd, Young Buck (who was turnt away by security for whatever reason) and many more. But the main question of the nite was “Where is Kelis”. God’s Son wife wasn’t at this special event along side Hubby. How Kelis get down, my guess is that she was @ home probably passed out from partying the nite before.


~ by M.I.H on July 18, 2008.

One Response to “If Only Nas Was A Real “Hero””

  1. How do you do…
    a hero

    Sword, nunchucks??
    Gamma-ray laser taser gloves in sky blue???


    So what’s the f**king point of heroes, no really? Don’t they just act all morally highbrow saving virtues and looking like dicks albeit better dressed dicks than us? But still dicks though, bequeathed with amour or a good seamstress. Showing us up to be A typical inept-lings while they swan in (most times un-asked) and mute whatever quite entertaining cataclysm that was descending down your road while stealing whichever apparently distressed maiden is hanging about the place.

    Based on that alone, they should not be encouraged, moreover culled. Alas 21st century heroism isn’t so slice and die. Everyone can be a sort of hero, so sit down Fatwoman and Widerman and lets get cracking.

    …more at lifestyleguides.blogspot.com

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