Poprok Friday: Kanye’s Absolut Ego and Why We All Love It

As I rode the subway yesterday in close proximity to an Absolut BE KANYE ad (as I always do, with hopes of snagging it to bring home and hang on my wall), I noticed one New York City commuter after another taking notice of the ad, taking the time to read every word, and smiling (with an occasional chuckle) in approval of the extremely clever Absolut Vodka campaign. They do this because they think Kanye is awesome. This does not only apply to teenagers or hip hop kids, but to business men, hipsters, sportos, motorheads, geeks, sluts, bloods, waistoids, dweebies, dickheads……….they all adore Kanye.

Here’s why.

If you don’t really dig Kanye’s attitude, you probably still like his music. And if you’re not really big on his music, you probably still think he’s pretty awesome. The people who spray-painted “Kanye West doesn’t care about Hippies” and “Kanye Sucks” after his 5am set at Bonnaroo this summer…still waited around until 5am to watch him play. Even the critics, who are not big on him at all – for A) Not allowing any unauthorized photographs of his tour to be published anywhere and B) Typing an angry tirade of caps and exclamation points on his blog if you dare print a semi-negative review of said tour – still gave Graduation 4 stars.

Kanye’s head is, as he says himself, so big you can’t sit behind him. He will gloat at the podium as he accepts his award, which you better give to him if you don’t want him to go off backstage about how you won’t give a black man a chance. You can find video after video after video of Kanye whining, complaining, bragging, and bitching about pretty much everything, including snapping on a radio station for bleeping “white girl” and then slamming the desk and walking out for being interrupted (which to be honest, is somewhat understandable. Don’t interrupt Kanye!!!).

Still, we want more. We want more because, as ridiculous as he can be, Kanye has proven more than once that he’s capable of poking fun at himself (though sometimes hard to believe). We want more because the music, rarely as it does, speaks louder than the pop star. As “Good Morning” plays on my pandora, I find it impossible to hold his ego, or anything else against him. We try our best to roll our eyes in disgust at his unsubtle pretentiousness and arrogance, but the fact is that everyone and their mother (no really, my mother cried during his “Hey Mama” performance at the Grammys last year) loves Kanye.

The underlying truth in this satirical campaign (that is not really that underlying at all), is that we all really wouldn’t mind being like Kanye. This ad, which encourages regular people to take a tablet that actually turns them into Kanye West, shows us that not only is Kanye OK with the size of his ego, but we should all be OK with it too.

Honestly, I think we all are.

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~ by comehomenow on July 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “Poprok Friday: Kanye’s Absolut Ego and Why We All Love It”

  1. You real good with ya word play I even ENJOYED reading about KanYe…Welcome 2 The Vibe Source Fam..

  2. […] that I haven’t written about, or even mentioned, Kanye West in a Poprok Friday post since my first. That is simply […]

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