B.G. Interview w/ The Vibe Source

I recently connected with B.G. to talk about whats been going on with him, his upcoming album Too Hood 2 Be Hoollywood, The Chopper City Boyz, VL Mike, Lil’ Wayne album sales, how he feel about the rumors about Rick Ross being a C.O. and much more.  As you all know B.G. was once a Cash Money signee, but left the label back in 2001. Since his departure B.G. has been putting out an excessive amount of mixtapes, some with just him and a few with The Chopper City Boyz, he started his own record label, and connected with T.I. to boost his status back up. At the age of only 27 there is no doubt that B.G. is already a veteran in the game.

The interview after the jump.

Whats good with you B.G.?

Whats good with ya, baby? Nothin’ much just out here.

That’s wassup, so where you at right now you in NY?

Naw, I just left New York the other day though, im in Houston right now.

You the people been waiting on you to drop Too Hood To Be Hollywood, so when can we expect that to come out?

That’s coming out later this year (it was later conformed that Too Hood To Be Hollywood wont be out until early ‘09), then we got The Chopper City Boyz: Live From The Concrete Jungle album coming out, and you know Im on that so I been working.

I feel that, so how many tracks you gone have on the CD?

Its gone be 15. It was hard picking the songs and everything because I been recording everywhere I go then you know I got a studio in Houston. I got so many songs done that my hard drive is crowded with ’em.

So that’s where you stay now, Houston?

Yea, after Katrina everybody came to Houston.

Who you got featured on the album?

I got Young Jeezy, and  T.I. on there, C-Murda, Maino, & The Hot Boyz. You know T.I. executive produced it.

I’m feelin’ that. When “Ya Heard Me” was leaked to the internet I was feelin’ it, so since you got Juvenile & Lil’ Wayne on there, its been rumored that we can expect a Hot Boyz reunion. Is there any truth to that?

Oh, Most definitely, the Hot Boyz are reuniting. We all grown now & know what we want, plus the fans been wanting that so its due time.

Who produced on the Too Hood To Be Hollywood?

I got Mannie Fresh, Cool & Dre, Scott Storch, I was in the studio with Swizz Beatz, a lot of people.

Lil’ Wayne sold “A Millie” plus his first week, do you think its any competition or pressure on you to do those numbers?

Aint no pressure at all, Lil’ Wayne like my little brother, and I congratulate him on doin his thang. But naw aint no pressure on me.

Whats next for B.Gizzle?

Me, Juvie, and Wayne gone shot the video for “Ya Heard Me”, that’s gone be on Access Granted, MTV, and the 80’s babies mixtape, you know Im a 80’s baby im only 27. A mixtape with DJ Smalls and more mixtapes.

B.G., you been out for about 13 years, this is your 11th solo CD, whats to be expected? A lot of growth in this CD, my love for the game and the story and keeping it real.

Its a lot of artist out there that been in the game for about 20 or so years and only go like 5 albums out.

Yea, Im Blessed.

Its good to know that you still doin’ ya thang, because you been through a lot battling your demos and all as you put it?

Yea, I struggled with an heroin addiction but I was able to pull myself up out of that. In different places people be on weed or wateva other type of drugs but back in the 90’s in New Orleans heroin was that drug that everybody was on. Plus I was on it cuz it was like Viagra, had my dick hard for hours and shitt while I was fuckin with my bitches.

I gotta get your opinion on this because you a real rapper and a lot of rappers out there claim that but they not. How you feel bout them saying that Trick put it out there about Rick Ross being a C.O.?

Its crazy cuz I fuck with Trick & Ross, you know me & Rick Ross kick it, but man to see him deny it, lie with a straight face make you see what these nigga’ about. Then he claim he roll with Boobie Boys and to come find out he was callin’ roll call.

I found out that Hakim (Hakizzle) aint with The Chopper City Boyz no more, how he doin?

Hakizzle a solo act now, he doin his thing. My brother laid back, he all good.

Just like everybody else I was shocked when I heard VL Mike was killed. You got anything to speak on about that?

R.I.P to VL Mike, to his family n shit, we grew up together ya know. Even though he went against the grind I would never wish anything like that on nobody.

B.G Myspace Page

Written By  Mikeya “O’sH” Pickett


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