Tyrese Talks About His New Movie: Death Race


~ by M.I.H on August 9, 2008.

4 Responses to “Tyrese Talks About His New Movie: Death Race”

  1. Hi Tyrese this Patience i know u don’t know me but i know alot about u. i hope i see u some day. It is my dream 4 me to see u. love you so much. paatience

  2. Hay is me patience call me at 612 644 9113

  3. I cant wate to see your new movies. im so happy that you got a new movies. I love all of your movies and i got all of them.I wish them every day my friends think i’m carzy but i tell them i’m not carzy i’m in love with you.

  4. I was at the Jimmy Kimmel show Friday, Aug 29 with my daughter. It was a fun show. But, when Tyrese announced that everyone at the show could go across the street and see “Death Race” for free…ON HIM, it was bogus. We even recieved wrist bands from the Jimmy Kimmel staff to see the movie! I talked to the theater manager who walked across the street to the Jimmy Kimmel show and talked to a manager there. The manager said it was all a joke! It was a huge let down for my daughter and myself.
    I passed the word and I will boycott all of Tyrese’s films from now on! I hope will follow.

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