T-Pain Prepping Lil’ Wayne Featured Mixtape

T-Pain and Lil’ Wayne make quite the pair. Long hair don’t care and no one else seems to mind that they can’t really sing. T-Pizzle has been saying for a while now that he an Weezy were going to collaborate on a full-length project, and now he says they have so much material coming together they might drop a mixtape, too. “I’ve been doing an album with Lil’ Wayne,” T-Pain told MTV News. “It’s called T-Wayne: The Project. It’s basically just going to be an array of things, just a visual love. The two artists you’ve seen collaborate with everyone except each other. When you see us together, it’s crazy right now. We already have what we’ve done. We’re gonna keep going till they tell us to stop. We might even put out a mixtape. We’ve got so many songs that we just might do a T-Wayne mixtape too.”


~ by vsadmin on August 11, 2008.

2 Responses to “T-Pain Prepping Lil’ Wayne Featured Mixtape”

  1. T-Pain is an artist that I like depending on the song. There are some songs that I just could do without hearing and others like his new single “Can’t Believe It” I can’t get enough of it. Oh you haven’t heard it yet? Well go to http://www.kiisfm.com to get your first listen to this new single and get ready for his 3rd studio album due out this fall!

  2. i like you T-WAYNE

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