Eclectic Vibes: Is MediaTakeOut The Hip-Hop CNN?

You know you’ve made it–at least in the black entertainment world–once somebody is posting some bullshit about you on Media Take Out. I must admit, I’m ascetic but I do sometimes indulge in the gossip, the name calling and the photos that shouldn’t be leaked that are posted daily on that site. So when I was skimming through the site the other day I was both shocked and a bit pleased to see a post about Santogold. Shocked because, for me this is a reminder that now more than ever it’s cool to not be cool. See my post about this topic last week. But pleased because this could possibly introduce her and artists like her to an audience that typically will shy away from her music and deem it too “weird.” I was sort of proud of Media Take Out for once because I thought maybe they were trying to open up people’s minds to something different. Boy was I wrong.

Instead of trying to put people on to her dope ass music–Jay-Z and David Byrne can’t be wrong about it–they wrote about trivial stuff like her hair and suggest she does drugs because of her colorful outfit–which I think is kinda dope. And how wack is it they referred to her as an “R&B singer?” I just threw up in my mouth thinking of that. Whats even funnier is the caption they chose, “Try and Open Your Mind Guys.” It’s classic. A them vs. us technique that shouldn’t even exist. The “normal” Hip-Hop & R&B heads on Media Take Out do this all the time to Kelis and Andre 3000 arguably the two biggest eccentrics in Hip-Hop.

As far as credibility goes, Fox News has more journalistic integrity than Media Take Out. Which isn’t saying much. Despite the proven track record of posting 90% rumors it still seems that Media Take Out is the place to go for Hip-Hop “news” and opinions. I remember a few weeks back I was reading something on there, it might have been the Rick Ross CO bit, and a person commented saying, “DON’T BELEIVE DEM, MEDIA TAKE OUT BE LYIN.” Duh! When did Media Take Out become the Hip-Hop CNN? And if we voted on that where the hell was I? Because I’d love to recast mine in favor of something else, anything else. We have to look at where we’re getting our information and the type of information we’re being fed. Come on people, I doubt what Rihanna is wearing is as important as the situation in Darfur, or the immediate situation between Russia and Georgia.

One day hopefully soon, Media Take Out, the self proclaimed “biggest black website” will realize it’s influence and post something of substance instead of bullshit like this, or this. Until then, continue in your blogger gossip about Beyonce wearing an Obama t-shirt or Lil’ Kim’s bathroom MySpace photos. I’d just ask that you at least read a book by Alice Walker in between to save some of your lost brain cells. You can’t live off sweets alone.

Other funny things I’ve noticed:

– The Beyonce skin lighting debacle is playin out really well. The brown paper bag exists.

– Rohan Marley hints at Ms. Hill’s comeback. Says she writes lyrics in the bathroom. Really?

– Oasis frontman tries to save face for Jay-Z comments. We don’t believe you, you need more people.

– Speaking of The Jigga Man. He announced his new album “The Blueprint 3” the other day. I may be the only person on earth who liked “The Blueprint 2” so my opinion may be a bit flawed. Even with NO-ID producing, who wants to bet the new T-Pain CD this sucks worse than “Kingdom Come?”


~ by Great Eclectic on August 12, 2008.

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