Jay-Z Selling His 40/40 Club

Rumors are flying about the possibility of Jay-Z losing ownership of his 40/40 club in Las Vegas. We learned that although there is a grain of truth to the story, things aren’t quite what they seemed.

On August 12th NY Post’s pagesSix reported that Jay-Z is actually in talks with Las Vegas Sands Corp., the owners of the Venetian and the Palazzo, to sell them a 50% stake in his club for a whopping $44 million.

“That will make the 40/40 club in Vegas the largest sports booking operation,” an alleged insider told Page Six. “People can gamble both at the tables and on games. The Sands will also have the right to open 40/40 clubs in London and across Europe.”


~ by vsadmin on August 15, 2008.

2 Responses to “Jay-Z Selling His 40/40 Club”

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