Poprok Friday: Barack Obama And Hip-Hop

It’s safe to say that at this point, Barack Obama has already become the most talked about political figure in the history of pop music. it may even be possible that he has been mentioned in more songs than any other political issue, surpassing Hurricane Katrina, The War on Terror, and friggin’ Vietnam! Hip hop has especially embraced Barack, and it’s not just because of his age, race, or the fact that his favorite song of all time is “Ready or Not” (which I think we can all agree makes him a genius). Barack Obama and hip hop just go together…like peas and carrots.

I suppose Obama is just an all-around badass; the first inspirational speaker to run for President since JFK, the first to offer a change from the way both Democrats and Republicans have been running the country, someone who name-drops Lil Wayne and Koby Bryant in campaign speeches, someone who had to take out student loans, someone who has lived in major metropolitan cities with cultural diversity, someone who takes off the tie every once in a while and rolls up his/her (yup, you almost had me) sleeves as if to say that an average American is exactly what’s needed to improve the current state of the nation.

This is why young Americans, artists, and musicians relate to him more so than any democratic candidate of the past (excluding Clinton, who had the saxophone thing on his side – and way more so than Kerry, which, let’s face it, might as well have had the campaign slogan “Anyone But Bush;” a democratic getting an endorsement from Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan? Not impressed). This is why hip hop has (for the most part) embraced Barack Obama.

it would be interesting to compile a list of how many songs have actually mentioned a presidential candidate and compare the results….I didn’t say I would do it. However, For shits and giggles – and not including any tracks from the 3 disc Barackin’ 44 compilation, featuring “We Will Barack You,” “Baracket Man,” and “Barack the Casbah,” (which is a joke by the way) – here is the most comprehensive list I could muster of hip hop songs that are about Barack Obama, and have endorsed him by name.

*This list does not include hip hop songs that mention his name once or twice, as that list would warrant an entirely new blog…

Barack Obama Hip Hop Songs
“Yes We Can” by Will.i.am
“We Are the Ones” by Will.i.am
“Black President” by Nas
“Black Republicans” by Nas & Jay-Z
“Politics (Obama is Here)” by Ludacris
“My President” by Young Jeezy
“Black Democrats” by Juelz Santana & Lil Wayne
“We Need Barack” by DJ Green Lantern & Mavado
“Ignite the People (Like Obama) by 6th Sense
“Open Letter to Obama” by Jin
“Imma Vote Obama Way” by Ti$a
“Crank Dat Obama” by Smokin Jo
“Work To Do” by Kidz in the Hall
“Obama Obama” by APT (“A Milli” parody)
“Go Tell Ya Mama Vote For Obama” by J.Xavior
“Letter to Obama” by Joell Ortiz
“I Am Obama” by J Kwest

and of course…

“I Got a Crush…On Obama” By Obama Girl

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~ by comehomenow on August 15, 2008.

2 Responses to “Poprok Friday: Barack Obama And Hip-Hop”

  1. Its Black Democrats for Julez and Weezy. That one was Jay and Nas

  2. Thanks Willi – fixed.

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