New Music: Tubb City Rep The Magic City

So Rick Ross may have damaged Miami’s rep for rappers for a while now. But, Tubb City may just grab that cred rightback. Check out this track called “Slop Shop.” Produced by Twin Beatz, this dope track is sure to get any party started.

Listen/Get: Tubb City – Slop Shop (alternative) Tubb City – Slop Shop


~ by Great Eclectic on August 16, 2008.

47 Responses to “New Music: Tubb City Rep The Magic City”

  1. Yea I saw this dude at sobe live on south beach. He got hot shit, but I aint never heard this one.

  2. That niggas cool. I like the single he got on I-Tunes though.

  3. I bump this track at Sobe, and I been on Power 96.

  4. watch out miami… sick track tubb!!!! and twinz is doing it bigg!!!!

  5. Dat nigga is sexy!!!!!!!! I’ll give him a few hits. lolllll

  6. Forget the music go to his myspace and look at his abs.

  7. Nothing like a good looking man who raps girl.lollll

  8. these dudes got some sick tracks! Slop Shop and Swaggerific be bumpin hard dawg

    “…did i say TWINZ!” haha

  9. Twinz…!

  10. tubb city and the twinz bring a new swag to the music industry. keep bangin out them party joints ya hearrrd.

  11. Shout out to Tubb City and Twinz Beatz holdin it down for the 30Fifth!

  12. Nigga Tubb got heat. Word play is on another level Real Talk


  14. Where is the city tubb city at, I need to find him.

  15. Twin Beatz have great beats, they will make it big.

  16. If you ain’t feelin this nigga Tubbs you must be shot. Down south has a New Way of TAKIN OVER, an Tubbs is it. I will be bumpin “Slop Shop” in my club and the wip. You can’t stop the Shinning. Do your thing New Nigga. I’m all for it

  17. yo that that shit is hot T…i will get at u tho…stay up…enrique

  18. I like the music and I love him.

  19. I love ur music T….keep doin what you do

  20. he is fine and he got good beats, and did i say he fine.

  21. These guys are talented. The beats are hot and the performances are you hype. Shot out to Tubb City

  22. Got his songs off itunes and I bump that shit out here in Cali and people are feelin it. I love the energy in his flow, Shit is hot son!! Keep doin it Tubb.

  23. love it…see you’re gettin it big time! god bless and i can’t wait to hear more.

  24. i like the song & the beats..the shyts hot Tubb…keep doin ya thang sweetie

  25. We love you in New Orleanan. Keep making the sounds your putting out. We want more.

  26. I think tubby is hot and I’m feeling the beat that he is throwing out there, continue to put you’re self in you’re music and great things will happen. I’m feeling you

    aka Ms Detroit

  27. We love you in New Orleans, keep you’re sounds coming, We look forward to it. BOY U THE S H I T.

  28. Love this dude:) Keep doin ya thang babi!!

  29. This cat got mad swag marines in okinawa are feelin his shit holla

  30. That shit is hot, you blowing up!!!! Keep it going never give up. Love what you are doing.
    Ariane (ATL)

  31. In The Slop Shop Gettin All Dum Wit IT!!! “TwinZ Are On The Rise We About To Blow GET IT!!!!!”…. Sloppiishizzle Memeber Ralphyo!!! TwinZ BeatZ HollA!!!

  32. Tubb is HOTTTT!!! Keep doin you babe….Love to see u doing it big!! ~Kellz

  33. This is hot & you keep doing what you do!!!!

  34. hmmm, evolution…it’s nice

  35. Son, this is hot. I love your Vibe…… Keep it coming!

  36. Great beatz…Keep ’em coming Tubb City!

  37. Great Track, keep it up Tubb City

  38. Tubb is sexy but his music is ecclectic and I love when he takes off his shirt and rips the lyrics!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Ive seen him grow as an artist and a performer and the dude gets better every time i see him. I got the latest hit in the cd player now and its bumpin, cop it and you’ll see what im talking about.

  40. roll that shit son hot to deff

  41. that song is hot. I bump that tubb city down here in New Orleans homie. Keep it up.

  42. Tubbs is fresh even to us Cali folks!

  43. you got some rolling shit going on here, we’re backing it up on your hits.

  44. I’m rockin his shit on my I-Pod

  45. Big ups to you from the Dub K cause I see you doing big things…much love,

  46. Yo, tubb take a bath…this is funky. Man, on the real, keep doin’ your thang. Please believe you will go far, so believe in youself and don’t let anyone tell you you can’t. Peace

  47. check ya boi style out, its new and freash… i love it.. if don’t know me? now you do..

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