Papoose & Remy Ma get hitched after all

According to reports, Papoose went to marry his caged bird in the lock-up recently. reports the following:

“Rapper Papoose has confirmed that he and incarcerated girlfriend and fellow rapper Remy Ma are married. The pair was reportedly making plans to exchange nuptials at New York’s Rikers Island jail in May, while Remy was awaiting sentencing for her part in a July 2007 shooting.

However, reports claimed the nuptials were called off at the last minute after Papoose was accused of attempting to break his bride-to-be out of prison – allegations the rapper denied.

Days after the failed wedding, Remy was sentenced to eight years behind bars. She had been found guilty of shooting Makeda Barnes Joseph over cash dispute outside a New York club last summer.

Now Papoose, real name Shamele Mackie, has confirmed they are a married couple – although he is refusing to divulge further information about when and where the ceremony took place.

When asked by XXL magazine if they have now wed, he replied, “Yep, that’s all I’m gonna say.” The New York native insists their initial plans for a wedding were not intended to soften Remy’s image in time for her sentencing.

“Actually, that has nothing to do with the case, that was just the date,” he added.”

Yep, it’s official folks! SOMEBODY actually married REMY MA!

Can y’all believe that Pap’s government name is… Shamele Mackie? I wish I didn’t know that now, lol!

Matrimonial thoughts?


~ by vsadmin on August 16, 2008.

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