Joe Budden Confirms Mood Muzik 4

In a recent interview, Joe Budden confirmed he is recording music for ‘Mood Muzik 4’.

Joe Budden will be releasing, ‘The Padded Room’ this fall and explained the project’s intentions while breaking down the title’s origin. “Well, ‘cause I’m crazy, number one and that’s the place for crazy people,” he said. “I really wanted to go somewhere differently, creatively, and musically. Somewhere I haven’t been going with Mood Muzik and my debut album. I just wanted to explore and try some different shit.”
Joe Budden confirmed a ‘Mood Muzik 4’ to add to his popular collection and said it’s unlikely to feature the series’ DJ, On Point. “Me and him have agreed to disagree on certain things,” he revealed. “We’re in the early stages, like [choosing a DJ] is one of the furthest things from my mind. We still in to the recording process. I’ve already started it and then I kinda just stopped to do some other things like I finished Padded Room.”

Joe explained his own dependency on the web to remain relevant. “I’ve been online prior to my debut album dropping. I’mma say as far back as 2000,” he said. “I think it’s actually helped me to this day. I used to always express to the label how important that new media presence was. They just saw things a lil’ differently, but me, I was always intrigued by it, amazed by it. It kept me well-informed. Better informed than people in the streets and at the labels, actually. I would never abandon the Internet, ever. I owe my hip-hop life right this second to the Internet.” The Padded Room is scheduled to hit retail stores on October 28 via Amalgam Digital.


~ by vsadmin on August 18, 2008.

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