Nipsey Hussle “Introduction To a Slauson Boy” Interview x You

Introduction To a Slauson Boy

For so long the Westcoast, mainly the Southern California cities (L.A, Watts, Compton, & Long Beach) have been associated with Gangsta Rap. Artist such as 2pac, Ice Cube, WC, DJ Quik, Kurupt, & Jayo Felony have all been know to preach their ghetto gospel. Now theres a new edition to that group, and his name is Nipsey Hussle. At the age of only 23, Nipsey has already acquired a buzz in the streets that expand farther than just his stomping grounds of South Central LA. Bullets Aint Got No Name, is not only a true statement but it also happens to be the first volume of Nips mixtape series that exposed him to the masses.

Even if you didn’t hear of him when Bullets Aint Got No Name vol.1 dropped Im sure you heard of him when his song “They Roll (remix)” which featured The Game, was leaked on the internet to various blogs. Listening to his music there was something that distinguished him from the rest. He didn’t just focus on talkin about bitches, low riders, palm trees and other scenarios that are associate with the West, he touches on life experiences and uses them for topics of his songs. Even though we were able to get to know him a little bit through his songs on the mixtape, there still wasn’t a lot of information out there on Mr. NH Hussle.

You wanna get to know Nipsey? Come with me & walk down Slauson Ave.

Listen/Get: Nipsey Hussle – You  (THE VIBE SOURCE EXCLUSIVE TRACK)

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Whats good wit you Nip? You know when I found out when I was going to be interviewing you I hit the net to try to get information on you but wont to much there, so Im going to give you the chance to let people know something about you.

Basically right now Im working on Volume 2 of Bullets Aint got No Name, people can be looking forward to that so that they can get they ears wet. The Slauson Boyz going to be coming soon and we may drop that project independent on Koch, or Asylum or something like that & Im a be touring in September to January.

The Mixtape Bullets Aint Got No Name vol.1 pretty much put you out there to the masses, before that came out did you have any other mixtapes lingering around the hood?

Yea, I had a whole slew of shit. I had a mixtapes out on called Slauson Boys vol.1 and some others. But yea, I was putting things out.

So When did you start rapping and who are some people that you would say influenced you?

I first got serious about rapping when I was 11 or 12. Not to say that aint nobody helped me or nothing like that but I pretty much found my way myself. Back then I was listening to any nigga that was getting money at the time and that was ‘Pac, Biggie, Jay-Z, & Nas.

Being where you from and what you rep, a lot of people have made comparisons between you and Snoop. What you think about that?

Our music is totally separate, but we got that look and both from Southern California. it’s the same content as far as whats going on in the hood, and I take that as a compliment.

Every artist have a core fan base, so what type of people are you trying to reach through your music?

Anybody that loves music I want them to hear my music. I make street records, club records, dance records all that, just in my own perspective though. I don’t just make one type of record.

Every since you started to do ya thang what kind of positive feedback you received from people around your hood?

Nigga’s is loving it! Because now they able to hear stories about where they coming from and they know what I say is true.

Have you received any negative feedback, you know how some people just have the tendency to hate?

Im the type of nigga that get shown love, if I have received criticism it was constructive criticism. They let me know that I could have came harder or something like that you know I aint no experienced nigga or nothin like that. But aint nobody ever came at me like “You weak my nigga” or no shit like that.

How was Felli Fel picked to do the mixtape?

Felli Fel my nigga, he was real instrumental in me getting my deal over at Epic. He was actual the first DJ to play “Bullets Aint Got No Name” on the radio. But Epic was interested in signing some Hip Hop artist you know they aint had no rappers on they roster in awhile, so while Felli Fel was with them he played them my song and not to long after that I was on a plane to N.Y. Once I got there I played them about 3 more songs and they was feeling it.

“They Roll” was already a hit to me, you went in and came out with some real nice hood shit, but what made you throw The Game on there with you?Me & Game use to run into each other all the time in the hood. The hommie played my shit for him & we decided to record it, I already had an idea of how I wanted it and all. We got another song with the both of us on it too.

Where you be spending most of ya time at, you been in ya hood or have you just been traveling?

My studio that I record at is in N.Y so I be in N.Y for a month and do my songs there then come back around the way to let my face be seen & whatnot. Then I dip out and get back to N.Y to record.

I was listening to one of your songs on the mixtape and you was pretty much speaking on how ya mama took the side of her husband over you and ya brother. Do you have any resentment towards her or are yall cool now, or what?

Me & my mama, I love her to death. It was a lot going on but we going through it but we A-1 though, I would never talk down about her in a interview.

Yea, I respect that.

What you got coming out in the near future?

Volume 2 of Bullets Aint Got Na Name is going to be coming out late September, early October of this year, Volume 3 is going to be coming out the end of December, early January and that’s going to end the Bullets Aint Got No Name series. Then a video for this song I got with J.R Rotem, its gone be my official single for my album Rich Rollin’ which may drop in July or August of ’09. I aint gone give the yall the title of the song yet. And a documentary called 60 questions, with that im pretty much going to be going around to my old teachers, people around the hood, and anybody that know me and they gone let you know what they know about me.

Bullets Aint Got No Name vol.1 almost sound like a album because of the way that its put together and because of the content you speaking on, plus you get very personal on there. So do you think that when its time to put out your album do you that your going to be able to touch on new things, in order to not repeat your self?

Naw, Im not really worried about that because something new happens everyday. Im not just makin music on tragic events, Im making music about everything. I got so many songs recorded its crazy, of course I saved the cream of the crop for the album.

What rank do you think that the Westcoast holds right now?

Right now we need a new sound, whoever comes out and make a new sound for the West they are going to blow up. Snoop & Dre already talked about palm trees & low riders, once you get down to the core its much more than that shit.

Written By: Mikeya “O’sH” Pickett



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