Soulja Boy – Turn My Swag On

Damn you, Soulja Boy for making us like this song even though we can’t understand most of the lyrics.
Soulja Boy Tell’em will release his sophomore album Back to School this fall. His debut recently went platinum, so Soulja Boy ain’t going nowhere.

Listen/Get: Soulja Boy – Turn My Swag On


~ by vsadmin on August 21, 2008.

7 Responses to “Soulja Boy – Turn My Swag On”

  1. […] of the new songs that recently hit the net is called “Turn My Swag On.” If that’s any indication of what’s to come, it looks like we’ll be hearing a lot more of […]

  2. I LOVE U S.B.!!!!!!!!!! KEEP DOIN YA THANG


  4. Soulja Boy – Turn My Swag On
    Produced by Natural Disaster & Top Cat
    When i heard the Turn My Swag On recorded I knew we had a HOT record.
    Soulja Boy Swaged it up

  5. dammmmm soulja boy turn my swag on is the best shit but now its all about GUCCI BANDANNA!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. soulja boy is my Baby!!!!

  7. hey, this is montenae I love u my family love ur songs and we love I love u please text me on bebo with yo sexy sefl I know u turn on your swag everyday……………nice talking to u!!

    love Montenae

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