Damani Van Dunem – Pan Demonium feat. Castro

This is The Vibe Source to the world with another dope exclusive! My man Damani just hit me with this dope track.  This emcee traveled around the world and he’s getting a lotta street cred. In portuguese, spanish or english he murders this shit.  Y’all show some love and appreciate this track from the other side of the world. A kinda of tropical flavor cool to blow up in the clubs!

Listen/Get: Damani Van Dunem – Pan Demonium feat. Castro


~ by vsadmin on August 22, 2008.

2 Responses to “Damani Van Dunem – Pan Demonium feat. Castro”

  1. Estoy mng orgullosa de ti
    Eres un genio mi pequeño!!!
    No pares que vas por el buen camino!

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