Damani Van Dunem ‘From The Other Side Of The World’

Been born in Angola, Damani Van Dunem went to live to the former Soviet Union in a tender age, following his father who was to make a military course. Few years later he returned to Angola but was again seen obliged to leave the country, heading this time to Mozambique. It was there that he started listening to rap in a regular basis. He then started a group (Mozz Squad) but only in 2000 had its first concert.

2 years later and after working with the 360 Graus, Gpro fam, Trio fam, A-small, among others, he moved again. First Cuba and finally, Portugal, where he lives until today. He started working with Lancelot and Mafioso (Fundação), P.A.Z. e Supremo G (Crewcial), giving sets of ten of concerts.

In 2005 he signed a record deal with VERY DEEP RECORDS (a french-portuguese label) and had his ‘Mutatis Mutandis’ album release in September of 2007. Working with Portuguese, Cape Verdian, angolan and Mozambican artists .

For an emcee who traveled around the world he’s getting a lotta street cred. Damani’s album, Mutatis Mutandis (Latim expression for “to change what must be changed”) was much acclaimed.

Show some love to Damani Van Dunem, visit his myspace page, buy the album and expect big things from this dope artist. Hip-Hop is universal, so cop hit! appreciate this track from the other side of the world. A kinda of tropical flavor cool to blow up in the clubs! Expect big things from the kid in ‘08

Check Damani’s video Papão (Eu Sou)

Listen this track with a hot tropical flavor cool to blow up in the clubs!

Listen/Get: Damani Van Dunem – Pan Demonium feat. Castro

Damani Van Dunen Myspace

Buy Mutatis Mutandis Album here or here.

Check out the album artwork and tracklist below.

click to enlarge!

01.     Intro
02.     Roots feat Celso and Lady V
03.     Papão (Eu Sou)
04.     What feat com Ivo
05.     Dogmas e Fixismos feat com Schindler Watuva
06.     16 and 1 feat Super Shor, Verbal and Ivo
07.     7ete
08.     Ma Trip (País da Marrabenta)
09.     Diamantes de Sangue feat Lancelot
10.     Mic Checka
11.     Não Vai Dar (Mais) feat Ivo
12.     Ser o que Sou (Mamawe) feat DJ Pass One
13.     What We Do (Is) feat Schindler Watuva, Ivo and Lady V
14.     The Love Song
15.     Devil Wears Prada feat Nhamposse
16.     Get Your Freak On
17.     Pan Demonium feat. Castro

Single Papão (Eu sou) 10th spot on MTV Portugal Hit list;
Single Papão (Eu sou) second spot on Sic Radical´s Max Música ;
Video Single Papão (Eu sou) selected to International Hip-Hop film Festival (Manchester, UK) August 2008


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4 Responses to “Damani Van Dunem ‘From The Other Side Of The World’”

  1. que o vento leve o teu rap cada vez + longe bro!!Espero que os haterz da tuga entendam que só apoiando é que conseguiremos mostrar a nossa musica lá fora! I got your Back!!


  2. Um optimo MC que realmente merece ser artista do dia aqui e merece muito mais… Creio que seja uma questão de tempo, pq o esforço, posso testemunhar!
    A minha cena é rap, é como digo eu mesmo!

  3. congrats meu amigo you deserve it all


  4. É o DVD arrumem já os cds e as cassetes, os vhAsses! You did it man!

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