Toxicology Test Ordered For Dr. Dre’s Son

The mystery behind the death of rap legend Dr. Dre’s son has still not been solved nearly a week after he died. Andre Young Jr. (†20) was found lifeless in his bed by his mother on Saturday, August 23 – but the cause of death remains unclear after an initial autopsy performed this week. “We don’t know yet why he died. There were no signs of trauma or foul play,” police captain Ed Winter was quoted as saying by

Additional tests and toxicology reports are expected to bring more conclusive evidence in the coming weeks. Some have speculated that alcohol and drugs were at least partly to blame.

The 20-year-old had partied with friends the night before and returned home late. When his mother tried to wake him the next day, she found him unconscious. The emergency doctor she called pronounced him dead.

His mother claims that she had heard him snoring that morning at 5:30am.

The tragic death was a blow to Dr. Dre. One of the USA’s most important hip hop producers, Dre has worked with big names like 50 Cent, Eminem and Snoop Dog. In 2002, ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine ranked him as the second highest-earning mogul in the music business.


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2 Responses to “Toxicology Test Ordered For Dr. Dre’s Son”

  1. First giving high honor to our lord and savior Jesus Christ i’m deeply sorry for the great loss of your son I pray along with all of your caring fans that God will bring strength and calm to your family and dear close friends souls in this untimely parting . Signed, one caring soul and respectful fan . God bless ! TL from Columbia, Maryland .

  2. Dr Dre and Andre Jr.’s mom,
    So sorry for your loss and I pray God is with you and your family through this tragic time now and everyday thereafter.

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