Juelz Santana Get’s Jacked By UK’s Finest

Somebody reportedly permanently borrowed Juelz’s jewels when the Dipset rapper was over in London. When I say “permanently borrowed,” I mean, I heard that that his jewels are never coming back home to America. Santana’s former manager reportedly stole (or “got”) some well known London show promoters for a cool 70K a few years ago, according to mediatakeout.com. Rumor has it, the dudes that got got heard Mr. Santana was in town and decided it was time for some get back. Rumor says, Juelz was bumrushed at his hotel. The local cops helped Juelz get to a safe location, but these guys eventually found him at the new spot. It was at that point that they got him for all that expensive stuff that refracts off light. Poor dude. That’s why I wear Africa medallions. Anyway, rumor has it these dudes even recorded this and may put it on the net. The Hip-Hop way, eh? Blimey.


~ by vsadmin on September 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “Juelz Santana Get’s Jacked By UK’s Finest”

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