Ginuwine Inks New Deal

Ginuwine has recently signed a new deal, and is in the process of working on his first new album since 2005’s Back II Da Basics.

According to, the singer has signed with Notifi Records, and is back in the studio hard at work on his sixth studio album, which he hopes will drop early next year.

“Notifi is giving me the support and creative freedom to record the sounds I think best represent me,” said Ginuwine.

In addition to news of a new deal, Ginuwine also revealed that the highly anticipated group project with Tank and Tyrese, called TGT, that the three singers announced last year has been shelved.

While he said the three did record music together, the results will not hit the market as an official album, and will instead appear on each of their respective albums.

“Due to label and legal issues, we will not be able to release an official TGT album. However, we did make some amazing music which will appear on each of our respective albums,” he told SingersRoom.

As far as where he’s been the last for years, he’s been touring, and working on other projects, including a stint in Je’Caryous Johnson’s popular stage play “Men, Money and Golddiggers.”

Ginuwine explained that he was weighing his options as of late, and didn’t wanna rush into anything he didn’t fully believe in.

“I have been touring and working on various projects the last couple of years and pondering what I wanted my next moves to be,” said the singer. “I didn’t want to rush into just doing what a label told me to do but rather take time to be creative and find music and projects that I have creative control over.”

Via BallerStatus


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