The Game Barely Misses Top Of Billboard Album Charts With L.A.X.

The Game said his latest album, L.A.X., will be his last and if so, what a way to go out.

The California rapper’s third album landed atop of the Billboard 200 charts its first week out. The LP sold just over 230,00 copies to best rock outfit Slipknot by less than ten scanned albums.

This is the third time The Game has made a debut at number one. His 2005 album The Documentary and 2006’s The Doctor’s Advocate also topped the charts.
In related news, Chuck Taylor also hopes to come out on top during his Madden video game challenge with Bow Wow. The two rappers have been swamping insults recently via interviews and YouTube posts. Now a date for their challenge has been set.

The Game and Bow will face off this Friday, September 5 at an undisclosed location.

Details have also emerged regarding their battle: The two will play five-minute quarters, All-Madden level, and there will be no skunk rule.

While Bow Wow has gone as far to release a dis track about the challenged aimed at Game, it turns out Chuck Taylor is actually quite the video game player.

According to MTV News, Game has a Madden record of 171-30, placing him at the sixth-ranked player in the world.


~ by vsadmin on September 4, 2008.

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