TreBeatz “Never Stop The Music” Interview

Imagine one day working a regular 9-5 job, and what seems like the next your working with one of the most talked about artist in Hip-Hop. For TreBeatz, that’s exactly what happened, because while he was employed at The Millennium, which is one of LA’s most popular barbershops, his craftsmanship got him in the studio where he observed KanYe West making nothing less than a hit.

Since then something sparked in Tre that made him want to learn the art of composing a beat. Through a mutual friend TreBeatz was introduced to The Game, but never mentioned to him that he produced, that is until the word got out that The Game was set to drop L.A.X.  which will be his 3rd album and also his goodbye to Hip-Hop. So when Tre had the chance to actually get his music out there he didn’t hesitate to leave The Game a beat CD. As they say the rest is history.

The Westcoast Don made him apart of the family by employing him as an In House Producer for his Black Wall Street label. With only two years of producing under his belt most would probably speculate that Tre don’t actual have the experience nor knowledge of being a “Real” producer. “Two years ago I started making beats… I consider myself a producer now, its like the first time you touch the computer you just browsing around but then you get it.” There’s no doubt that Tre got it, so far TreBeatz has a songs on L.A.X. Deluxe Edition, have worked with Heidi Montag (The Hills), Busta Rhymes, Nas, Tyga and the list will only grow with time.

Just take a look at some of the people that TreBeatz have worked with, all of the artist falls into different genres/ sub- genres. “Im universal with my beats none of my beats sound the same I can make R&B tracks, NY break beats, South beats, all of that.” To make those universal records Tre uses Mpc 2000xl, Logic, Reason, & Protools, “Pretty much whatever I can get my hands on.”

In the basketball world everybody wants to be like Mike, in Hip-Hop everybody wants to be the next Jay-Z, and when it comes to producing everybody wants to be the next Dr. Dre. TreBeatz is no exception “Every track I make has potential to be a hit im like the next Dre, I don’t half ass I give it my all that’s it. Dre is a legend, I see myself in his position on day.” Whenever a person comes into a situation there not too familiar with its always that one person who teaches them the in & outs, Tre learned from the likes of Scott Storch, Cool & Dre, and watched KanYe “But I learned from Game a lot, I guess what he learned from Dre he taught me. He taught me mostly just keep working never stop the music.”

When you get in the studio what is the first step you make when it comes to making a Track?
It depends on how I feel, it may be the melody first or the drums or I might go in there with a sample & chop the sample.
Since you’re an in house producer for Black Wall Street whats your day to day task?
Get in the studio and make beats with no beats there nothing, I don’t cater to the artist, I make beats off of how I feel and if they feel it they feel it if they don’t they don’t. [laughs]
Now of days an artist can easily go on and get a nicely produced track for $100 to $300 dollars, so what is it that make rap artist & singers come to you for an instrumental?
My quality of work, anybody can get a “Nicely produced track” but I bring QUALITY.
So how much do a TreBeatz beat usually run for?
Different prices , different budgets…[laughs] that’s just for now…
Now exactly how did you come about working with Heidi Montag, that was kind of a left field move?
Just bein in the studio you run into different artist and I was at this one studio and I ran into Spencer Pratt, you know Heidi’s his girl and he had heard my beats and he was like “I need tracks, I need tracks!“, so I sent some to him and that’s how I started working with them.
Is there anyone on particular that you haven’t had the chance to work with that you would like to work with someday?
KanYe, Jeezy, T.I., collab with Dr. Dre on a track, and anybody who wanna works with me.
Ever since The Game started his rap career he has been a very controversial person in Hip-Hop, do you feel that by being teamed up with him it could in the long run bring you some unwanted attention or drama?
Who knows only time will tells …
Anything you want to say to the people?
If anybody wanna hit me get at me on Myspace


~ by M.I.H on September 5, 2008.

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