Mikkey Halsted “Uncrowned King” mixtape

The mixtape is hosted by Chicago’s DJ V-Dub and features new and previously unreleased material from Mikkey Halsted featuring No ID, Kanye West, Common, Brian “All Day” Miller, Miss Criss, TQ, Ab Liva, SC and many more.

Tracklist and download after the jump.

1. DJ V-Dubb Intro
2. My Life
3. Can’t Tell Us Nothin’ feat. KT & Ken Rock
4. Success
5. Liquor Store
6. Ready Rock feat. KT & Ken Rock
7. Boss
8. Corners (Remix) feat. Kanye West & Common
9. Cash Flo
10. Skillz of a Hustla
11. Mikkey is Back feat. Miss Criss
12. What Makes A Man feat. Teddy Cain
13. G Shit
14. Shook Ones
15. Dear Summer
16. Grimey Family
17. Neva Gon Stop feat. TQ
18. So Soft feat. Ab Liva & Famous
19. Juke 4 A Gangsta
20. Promise
21. Homicide
22. Chevrolet
23. Stuntin’
24. Outro



~ by M.I.H on September 6, 2008.

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