Eclectic Vibes: The Best Moments Of The VMA’s

The VMA’s this past Sunday was kinda okay. I mean the past year shows have been completely lacking, but I must say I enjoyed most if not all of this show. Britney’s comeback was incredible–she looked amazing and I’m happy to see her finally win a moonman–even if she may have not deserved it.

I thought the performances were exceptionally great. There were the good, P!nk, Kid Rock, Lil’ Wayne, Kanye, the bad, T.I. & Rihanna, Christina Aguileria, and the ugly Rihanna.

Anyways, here are my favorite moments of the VMA’s you tell me yours too.

Kanye Performs A New Song
Even, Mr. West showed up and showed up. Kanye performed a new song for his new album due in Nov. Man, this Fall is getting thick, Beyonce, Kanye, Jay-Z, Brandy, wow. I digresss. Even though the performance was over the top, I’m sort of excited to hear this new album. I bet you 50 the studio version has auto-tune all over it.

Christina Aguileria Tries Her Hardest To Stay Relevant
Whose idea at MTV was it to have Christina Aguileria perform at this years VMA’s. They need to be fired. Although it was enteratining to watching her plump self flop around in leaotards was just bad. She looks like a white, oh excuse me LATINA, Lil’ Kim. She looked scary.

P!nk’s Hot Performance
P!nk’s performance was dope. Check it out if you don’t believe me.

Katy Perry Performing Looking Hot
I enjoy Katy Perry. Her CD is dope. I loved this performance and how super hot she looked. I’m glad to see her making it. This was definitely one of the better performances of the night.

Wanye Accepts Award As A Hipster
I can’t wrap my head around this. Come on Weezy. When these thugs out here switch from Roc-A-Wear to American Apparel Color skinny jeans you will be responsobile. I enjoy his music, his performance was cool, but the colored skinny jeans, summer scarf and the piercing aren’t for you Weezy.

Rihanna’s Performance of “Disturbia”
Come on Ri Ri? What the fuck was that? Rihanna’s performance last night was the equivalent to Britney Spear’s performance of “Gimme More” at the VMA’s last year. It might have been worse. She looks so stif up there. It’s horrible to watch because the songs themselves are so damn good. She should just play them and stand there.

Britney Wins “Video of the Year”
She looked amazing! And that’s what everyone wants from our favorite pop-star. No boos, just boobs. Anyways, she looked stunning. I’m glad she finally won an award, I don’t think she deserved it though. “Piece of Me” was stellar only because we saw “Gimme More” and expectations for her to coherently do anything were sub-par. And to see her look semi-sane, almost hot again was a plus for fans. But the dance routines looked elementary compared to her old amazing pop-tart self. Oh well, at least she’s back.


~ by Great Eclectic on September 10, 2008.

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