Eclectic Vibes: Two Songs That Are Going To Change Music–Drastically

The music industry is a different beast not because of the bootlegging, the muxtapes, the everybody and they momma having a music blog, iPods, and all the other stuff people attribute good and bad changes of the music industry to. For me, none of that is it.

I think the main change is the music itself. See, music shifts in sounds every couple years or so. Remember the Neptunes era when “Slave 4 U” and “Shake Ya Ass” were the tracks signers asked producers for, or the Swizz Beatz era of 01 and 05-06. Right now, I’m eyeing another shift. If anything can change music, Jay-Z’s new single “Swagger Like Us” and Kanye West’s new single “Love Hangover” can.

What intrigues me most about both songs first and foremost is they’re sub-par. I’d even go as far to say they are the worst things both artist have ever recorded. “Swagger Like Us” is pretentious, and tries too hard to be hip—and the M.I.A. sample is so annoying. This is experimentation gone wrong. Weezy’s verse could have saved the day, but he blows it. As does T.I.–who sounds embarrassing.

Ye’s single is minimal in production but I still come out feeling its too much. There’s nothing going on and his singing is shrewd as is that autotune he loves so much. He should cut both of those out.
But, despite the songs being lukewarm for supposed hip-hop legends I know these two songs will change music, if not long term at least nowishh.Think about it, Wayne and T-Pain started this rapper/singer autotune BS that everyone is jacking. But Wayne was still somewhat spitting on Lollipop, Mr. West is straight up singing on “Love Lockdown.” At least to the best of his ability.

If I’m right and these songs change the sound of music, prepare for this to trickle down to every rapper to have at least one “experimental” track like these on their albums. Picture Bow Wow next album having a song called “Trap Lockdown ” with him crooning T.I.’s ghostwritten lyrics. Or picture every battle rapper from Jersey to Philly using whatever two bars aren’t already taken from M.I.A.’s “Paper Planes” and looping it for a chorus. Juelez Santana will be first. Mark my word.
I do think the songs are good–just something above artists of Jay-Z and Kanye West’s stature. When you see someone at their best, you don’t want see or hear them at just aight. Right now, these songs are hot—but in a week or two we’ll hate them because they’ll be everywhere with a bevy of copies ready to bombard us on MTV.

Other Stories I’m Stocked About:
Britney Spears is back. Her new album is aptly title “Circus.” I’m excited to hear the new material. It’s supposedly a little deeper this time. Which could be dope. Check out this song “Candy From Strangers“– I don’t know if it’s really her or new but it’s kind of cool.

I’m not a fan of John Legend–but his new album title/cover looks hot! I’m excited for this album too.
Rihanna is on top of her finances, and I’m not buying it. LOL.


~ by Great Eclectic on September 19, 2008.

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