KiD CuDi Interview w/ Crack Distributors Radio


~ by M.I.H on September 19, 2008.

One Response to “KiD CuDi Interview w/ Crack Distributors Radio”

  1. Hey, man when i got the mix tape a kin named cudi i was hooked. I’m a what the kids call now “an old head”. but I feel i’m up on alot of these new upcoming mc’s and group before my kids are. my kids are on that mainstream bullshit and it’s cool, but what they don’t know is that all the cool kids are listening to the cool kids, the kid cudi’s, currency, ced huges, N.E.R.D’s, the not so mainstream.

    P.S. the voice decoder bullshit that all these rappers are using “no disrespect” should have die with Roger, that’s how old I can go back. these kids think Lil wanye invented that shit…. they have no fucking idea. old heads should stand up and start giving history lessons to the masses to these kids who don’t know any better. kid cudi can’t wait for your shit man.

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