Mickey Factz Answers The Who, What, When, Where, & Why of The Hipster Term

Hipster, That is a term that have been thrown around alot lately. With the emerge of young, new, and standout-ish artist, no one knew whether to label them as back packers, or concious rappers, so instead of just labeling all the music as pure Hip Hop, a new sub genre was formed and they where thrown into a box. Forced to except being called a Hipster, as if the term was fit just for them, not many have spoken out against it in dept so I decided to ask some of the most popular so-called Hipsters the 5 W’s of what a Hipster is, This is what Mickey Factz had to say.

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What is a Hipster?

A Hipster is a term that derives from the word Hippie. That kind of person came from the 60’s. Nowadays allegedly its a person that wears tight clothing and tries to stand out.What is a Hipster Rapper in your opinion?

I don’t have an opinion on what a Hipster Rapper is. Because I don’t know what one is. According to others a Hipster Rapper is someone who isn’t tough as the other rappers so they rap about different topics and wear stylish clothing.

From what you have heard what is the clich’e definition of a Hipster Rapper?

Conscious thinking. Stylish clothing. Backpacker demeanor. Genre bending. Ahead of the curve artist.

Have you ever been refered as one, and if so why do you think you have been?

Of course I have. I think its because the music I make is hot and not of the norm. What I wear is exclusive and everybody can’t cop it. I think its more jealousy then anything. Lol

Does the term turn you off, or are you ok with it?

I don’t care anymore. I used to get angry. Now its like call me whatever. Ima run with it. My music is going to seperate me from that term very fast.

Why do you think the term Hipster/ hipster rapper have been floating around so much lately?

Because I said it on a song with Kidz in the Hall. Naledge told me one day its all my fault cause I said it while dissing Nah Right and it caused an uproar. Little does he know, we are rewriting the history books. I know I’m not one, I’m just gonna continue to do what I do and let the people decide at the end of the day.

Can anyone be labeled as a hipster or just a musician?

People should be labled Musicians or Lyricists. Point blank.

Being That You Are of The New Skool, If The Term Hipster was Consistant in The late ’80s early ’90s, Who Would have been marked as a Hipster Back In The Day?

Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Leaders of the New School. Cats like that.





~ by M.I.H on October 2, 2008.

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