“Welcome To Tubb City” Blog. 1

What up people out there in Tubb City and more importantly whats up LADIES. Ladies when your done reading this feel free to go to my page and see some pictures of me that will make you happy and change your life.(CHANGE YOUR LIFE PEOPLE)www.myspace.com/Tubbcity.  Well back to the subject at hand. Everybody’s happy about Barak Obama and the election coming up. And everyone knows that he will be the next president of the United States, (even the people who dont want him to be) but there are some things that people out there arent really thinking about.  And since people I’m Tubb City  and this is my town were gonna bring these things to light right here, right now. (Oh yea forgot to say Ep on Itunes, search Tubb City)  Has anybody thought about what “lil W” (aka George Bush) is gonna say when he steps down. How do you think he feels that he has to be the one President to have to hand over the steering wheel to the first black man ever to be President.  His hemroids are probaly acting up right now thinking about it. 

 I mean after all the money he made and stole and shared with the families were at war with you would think “lil W” would be happy, but ohhhhhh no right now he’s sitting in the white house pissed off at Hilary for losing and pissed at Mccain because he’s about to lose and for the dumb ass choice of picking Palin to be his VP.  “Lil W” is probaly gonna try to play it off and try to act how white people act when they feel wierd around black people and give a Obama a pound to show how much he’s down for the cause.  Well “lil W” its over and we won. And has anybody thought about the the people who’s getting fired when he moves in. Yup yup, the kitchen staff is OUT. You know its time to change the menu. Out with the cheese balls and humus and in with the chicken and jambalaya. Oh and gumbo too. (If you need a cook Obama holla at my mama, Lynne Boo. Big shout out to my moms) And the lobby music is gonna no more wack boring stuff. We talking bout Jay, kanye, Tribe Called Quest, Outkast.  We gonna be rocking in the lobby of the White house. (Get it in O)But look on the bright side people can you imagine the after party that they gonna have at the white house. You know my dawgs Obama is gonna have a party and get it in. (Get it in O) This is gonna be the first time that they use a promoters guest list to get into the White house after party. And if you aint there by 12:30 then you out of luck.  I have a prediction also. I predict that Obama will be the 1st President to wear Air Force Ones. hell it might be in the Hamptons but I know my dawg got style.  I also predict Obama will be the 1st president to attend a And 1 Mixtape game. Cause Obama got a jump shot. He a little bit goofy but he still gets it in. ( Get it in O) One last note. Not only will Obama be the 1st African American, ahhh forget that. Not only will Obama be the 1st Black President (yea he black forget all that other politically correct junk) and be the leader of the free world in Air Force Ones and with a ipod listening to Jay-z and Tubb City (lol… Obama can make a few hits too) there is also another 1st.  His wife has a 1st too.  Michelle Obama will be the 1st finest 1st lady in the history of America.  Oh my Bossier City she is FINE.  What in the Hays, Kansas is she eating to get that fine and that smart and that FINE some more. (Get it in Michelle) I am offically the leader of the male groupies for Michelle Obama fan club.   Well thats all for now and if you want a question answered hit me on my page www.myspace.com/Tubbcity  or email me at Tubbcity@yahoo.com  Until next time people and don’t forget Tubb City on itunes now check out the music and change your life.  CHANGE YOUR LIFE PEOPLE
Always remember “Live In Your Dreams, Sleep In Reality, Pray For Peace”


~ by M.I.H on October 6, 2008.

26 Responses to ““Welcome To Tubb City” Blog. 1”

  1. AHHHHHHHH brought a squirt of a tear to my eyes…. funny funny stuff (ye ye yeaaahhh!!!). Deep thoughts seriously…. but on the other side of things, where is the michelle fan club site?

    Fernz for tubb city manager!

  2. You are a genius! We’ve all been so focused on ensuring Obama as the next Prez and dissing those nuts on the dumb and dumber ticket that we forgot all about Ole’ “W”. He is now and will continue to be the laughing stock of the good ole boys! Wooser!

  3. You are a genius! We’ve all been so focused on ensuring Obama as the next Prez and dissing those nuts on the dumb and dumber ticket that we forgot all about Ole’ “W”. He is now and will continue to be the laughing stock of the good ole boys! Wooser!

  4. You are a genius! We’ve all been so focused on ensuring Obama as the next Prez and dissing those nuts on the dumb and dumber ticket that we forgot all about Ole’ “W”. He is now and will continue to be the laughing stock of the good ole boys! Wooser!

  5. What in Hays, KS is right! Speak on Bruda!

  6. He will get in no doubt ,But it will not be as easy as one would think! Let’s all make sure we do our parts especially FLORIDA!!! Obama’s greatest asset is to assemble a strong, SMART, and influential circle around him. This ensures that he will be covered on all fronts, and with this intelligence he will make the most informed ans best possible decisions for the LONG and short term! So keep bangin people and Tubb City keeep spreadin the word and make things happen. 1

  7. TUBBCITY…. its yo boy from the MIDWEST just dropping in to read what you gatto say and show my love . I cant wait for OBAMA to step in (you know he african right?). Take it easy men and say whats up to tha Twins – sloopyshizzle. Cant wait to Hear “WELCOME TO THA SOUTH on tha radio bro…

  8. you are to funny and also to sexy. You should talk about kimbo slice fight. What u got to say about that Mr. City.

  9. You are so totally right. Obama or die 2008!

  10. Obama gonna have that fire inauguration bbq bash!!!! The presidential vehicle will have a “diamond in the back, sunroof top”, yall know da rest! Naw, I’m clownin people. Obama aint gonna do no ninja stuff (ninja replaces that other N word). Yall know that some people really think he bout to paint the White House black! Lil W aint smart enuff to figure out that he was so bad that people would say “to hell with this lets vote for a black guy!!” lol And yall know America is still racist. So the question is “How bad was lil W?” Yep THAT BAD!!!!

  11. sorry but im pulling for mcCain. McCain 08 BABY!

  12. thats right Bush is going to feel like a real idiot cause he screwed up the country so bad that a black man has to fix it…IRONIC!!!!

  13. HOTCHOCLATE.. mcCain has no chance.. his arms r too short n he’s had alzimars since 99′. plus Obama will dunk on him anyday. PLUS… HE’S BLACK… SO HE’S COOL.

  14. you are absolutely right!!! Obama will change the world, and I look forward to the good that is yet to come. I checked your music on Itunes, it’s hot. It is was should be heard right now. Keep it up!

  15. So Obama has a jump shot!!! Thats the rumor floaten around.. Well i sure as hell hope, he can run the country as good as he can shoot a jumper.. Well all i got to say is Jigga is on the Obama campain and Diddy and now “Tubb City” who else would you vote for “McCain 08” ??? Wrong!!! “Hot Chocolate”.. lol HAHAHAHa

  16. first things first, from an English teacher, u NEED to sit down, read this to urself & correct the grammatical errors 🙂 Secondly, political issues do not exist in this blog. Third, “Pookie” aint running for president; Barack Obama (not Big O) is!!! Fourth, it is about time that MEN accept and lionize (if you will), a STRONG, INTELLIGENT, BEAUTIFUL black woman without the man feeling threatened or inappreciative! But the positive side to this, sweetheart, is that Barack and Michelle are giving a new face to the perception of success within the black family (e.g. a stable family, a two-parent household, and an excellent educational background while remaining “SWAGGERIFFIC”!) We Still Love u tho & give u props for attempting to open our eyes, Tubb. We WILL stay tuned for the next!!!

  17. keep doing withcha do playboy! Mad love form all yo peeps in the boss city. much love

  18. Good lookin out!!! Obama for CHANGE!! Stay out the BUSHES and the McCains! lol

  19. Ok, so I stop cooking at your request to read what you gotta say and I must say it was well worth burning the chicken! On a serious note though, I cant wait to get that stale bread out of the white house and fill it full of flavor. “O” really does need to hire Momma to do his cooking cause with some good cooking and a good, smart, strong woman by his side, he’ll have no problems cleaning up all the crap thats gonna be left behind. Oh, yeah he gotta be rockin to your soon to be platinum cd while on the treadmill too! Im riding with you to the polls lil bro…..

  20. Wow…could you stereotype Obama any more? You covered the soul food, rap, sneakers…will they be serving 40s of OE at the White House party too?

  21. Yeah, I’m gonna have to agree w/ Ms. Imma & Kiki. You did Riggerize “O” juuuuust a little bit. And fo’ real, did you have a play the fabulous Mrs. O like an Imus a.k.a Nappy headed hoe?!! But I think “We Can” all agree w/ the general message: out w/ the Bush Baby in w/ Obama! Hooray hoorah! But on the flip, what everyone’s missing is while the O’s may actually enjoy Jigga man and the infamous Lynne gumbo (who wouldn’t?!) he will have to work double time to not enjoy these things just so he WON’T look like Dat Nigga. Every step he takes will be documented and scrutinized so he will still be a dancing bear just like the rest of us. In essence ladies and gents we’ve come real far but not that dang far! Keep steppin Cuz.

  22. […] PREVIOUS: “Welcome To Tubb City” Blog. 1 […]

  23. Barack Obama is “SWAGGERIFIC”!

  24. great writing, humor, truth and style. let’s all do as tubb city sugguest & keep talkin obama. let’s vote & show em how we walk “the obama”. also

  25. i’d love to cook for the !st family & i have no problems sharing recipes with our 1st lady. lol mom


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