“Welcome To Tubb City” Blog. 2

What’s up people more importantly ladies.  This weekend was busy and fun. Twinz Beatz and I (Tubb City) had a photo shoot for our album cover and I must say that the pictures are insane. So insane that if I wasn’t myself I would hate on myself just to be myself. Because myself is the self of all self’s.  Big shout out to Juan and his boys at NATIVO.  Extremely professional dudes and very talented. Check them out when you get a chance.  Www.hellonativo.com.  Album will be out sometime around Christmas and (BIG ANNOUNCEMENT PEOPLE…….THIS COULD CHANGE YOUR LIFE.) Drum roll please….(Drums beating, create your own sound effects and work with me people)  The album will be called TWINZ BEATZ Presents TUBB CITY’s Book of Singles. Its for the people so the people can do what. CHANGE YOUR LIFE PEOPLE. 

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 (Also EP on Itunes now search Tubb City) Well theres alot going on in the world today.  The election is heating up and we all know how I feel about that. “Get it in O” Mccain got booed by his own people and that was kinda funny.  True colors are coming out now from the Good ole boy and girl committee.  The secret is out now that they dont want a “colored” for president. There even calling him a Arab now.  Ahhhhh what is the world coming too when being black is not the worst thing a person can call you.  They thought they could win by just saying “Big O” was black and they thought that was disrespecting enough.  Now there a little scared so they need a new angle of disrespect so they call him something else.  (Starts with T and sounds like Racist, Do the math people) In other words get out and vote and CHANGE YOUR LIFE PEOPLE. And on your way to vote listen to Tubb City aka Your Girls Favorite Rapper. Next subject GAS. (Big shout out to my girl Andrea for putting me up on this) Is it a “Hillary Clinton coincidence” that gas recently dropped all across the United States right around election time.  And that the people who are really in charge of gas are republicans and “Lil W.” So basically you drop gas prices so none is mad at the republicans because you want another republican for president.  They didnt put the flame out people, they’re just controlling the fire.  Who wants to bet a Tubb City aka “Your Girls Favorite Rapper” CD that after the election, that gas will go back up sky high and the stock market will be stable again.  Black people been broke we aint worried about no dam stock market, get a life.  I dont give a “Fort Hays about a Nasdaq.”  I thought NASDAQ was the name of Nas new mixtape.  Its a smoke screen people, they dont want you to concentrate on the election fully so they put stock market cow dung all over the news.  Because if we concentrated fully on election the whole world would see that Mccain and Palin are the new Jon Lenon and Yoko Ono.  (They crazy as hell people) CHANGE YOUR LIFE PEOPLE. 
Now to the most important news that has happened in the past week in the WORLD.  I’ve gotten about 15 emails about something that shocked the world.  And since I’m Tubb City people wanna hear the truth and what I got to say on the subject. The question is “What do I think about the Kimbo Slice fight and do I think it was FIXED?”……………………..This is a common situation of “WHEN KEEPING IS REAL GOES WRONG.”  People people people.  I live in miami, I’ve stould right next to Kimbo Slice and seen him in person. Ive seen all the youtubes.  And my thoughts are as follows……………..  Tubb City on Itunes now.  Twinz Beatz Presents Tubb City’s “Book of Singles” due out Christmas. CHANGE YOUR LIFE PEOPLE
www.myspace.com/TubbCity and Tubbbcity@yahoo.com
Live in Your Dreams
Sleep in Reality
Pray For Peace.


~ by M.I.H on October 15, 2008.

5 Responses to ““Welcome To Tubb City” Blog. 2”

  1. Tubb……….. Speaking on the economy have you done your research about the former recessions and depressions the States have endured? They were all while a Repo was in office and it took a Demo to get us back on our shit!!! Trust I have already been to the polls……… We are looking sad people……….EIGHT IS ENOUGH!!

  2. so many things to say…like I could point out your grammatical errors, or the fact that the third and final prez debate is on TONIGHT, watch it, but what I’ll actually say is this fun fact: Kimbo Slice is a fan of the lemon drop martini when he is having a night out on the town.

  3. You are welcome babe! Everyone might want to start stocking up on the gas, cuz you know when Obama gets elected there are going to be some upset oil people.

  4. tubb city is on the map and its population is increasing…looking for the album to be released!!! sw sw sw sw sw swagger juice

  5. Hey Tubby City, I can always count on you to keep it real and speak the truth. I know the music will be a hit so tell the haters to quit it. Much love, and peace to all the Tubb City supporters. Always keep it real!!!!!!!

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