Make Sure To Go And Vote!!!!

Just got off the phone with Diddy, Donna Brazile, Kevin Lyles. It is imparative that we stay in lines, cuz they will be long. You guys know who i’m voting for, but whoever you vote for, stay in those lines, take a book, pull out your ipods, go with a friend, whatever it takes to stay in that line. don’t let a soul pull you out of that line either!!!!


~ by djgspot on October 29, 2008.

One Response to “Make Sure To Go And Vote!!!!”

  1. The Yes We Can mixtape is up all…. Here’s a page with all the track info

    : DJ Green Lantern & Russel Simmons

    Yes.We.Can Mix-Tape! … track 2 is raw … check it * to get a copy,

    click on this Yes We Can

    File Link. Please put a shout-out for this! Please post today so people can rock this the weekend before the election!

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