Free Download: HiphopDx & DJ Denox Presents Wordsmith-the Revolution Begins With A Takeover Vol. 2 Mixtape OUT NOW!!





Click Link For FREE DOWNLOAD:…rdsmith-mixtape

Click Link For FREE DOWNLOAD:…rdsmith-mixtape

1. Revolutionary Riot (Produced by Lucki Handz)
2. Battle For The Crown Feat. All-Biz & Black Knight (Produced by Street Level)
3. Bar-Bells Feat. Trel Mack, Geolani, & Donny Goines (Produced by Strada)
4. Pimps, Posers, & Playa Haters (Produced by DeMo)
5. A Black Tie Affair (Produced by Capish)
6. B-More Baritones Feat. Soulstice, Skarr Akhbar, Tha Profitt, Pro & Reg, Sly Solomon, Greenspan, Steadfast, E-Major, Reggie Webb, & Tislam the Great (Produced by RhymeZwell)
7. Breakfast at the Brightside Diner Feat. RhymeZwell, Black Knight, & Kontact (Produced by Capish)
8. That Feel Good Flow (Produced by Strada)
9. The Golden Years (Produced by Street Level)
10. Mrs. Musica 2: Loss & Reconcilation Feat. Kontact (Produced by Capish)
11. The Way U Are Feat. Kontact (Produced by Capish)
12. Nobody Cares Feat. Skyzoo (Produced by Strada)
13. Junkie Man’s Jingle (Produced by Asesay)
14. God’s Morning (Produced by Professa)
Bonus: Black Knight-I Got You (Produced by Capish)
Bonus: Kontact-Stop Begging (Produced by Asesay)

On October 30th HipHopdx and DJ Denox Present Wordsmith “The Revolution Begins with a Takeover” Vol. 2 Mixtape. Music is pretty stale at the moment, so Word seeks to bring a wide variety of Hip-Hop to the world with his revolution mixtapes. With this being the last in the series, up and coming artists like Skyzoo, Donny Goines, Geolani, & Trel Mack flexed there lyrically skills on tracks like “Bar-Bells” and “Nobody Cares.” Nu Revolution Camp artists Kontact & Black Knight lend their talents to tracks like “Breakfast at the Brightside Diner” & “The Way U Are,” while Baltimore MC’s Soulstice, Skarr Akhbar, Greenspan, Steadfast, Reggie Webb, E-Major, Pro & Reg, Tha Profitt, Tislem the Great, & Sly Solomon form a traveling band called “The B-More Baritones.” Camp producers Professa, Strada, Capish, & Street Level Most of the production was done by Nu Revolution with outside help from Lucki Handz, RhymeZwell, & Asesay.

As usual Wordsmith & HipHopdx is offering a 10% discount off Vintage Clothing Limited ( and Wear Your City ( as well. Both clothing lines sponser Word, so check out the coupons in the mixtape download and get yourself in the freshest up and coming urban gear.

As a final thanks to the fans, Wordsmith included a Music Video for his 1st single, “Park & Ride-The Sunset Edition (Directed by G-Light Films)” off his debut abum. “Vintage Material” dropping in 2009. Check Out G-light Films @ for high quality Music Videos at great prices.

Look for Wordsmith to finish 2008 with “The 2008 Worldwide Web Wrap-Up” Mixtape, while 2009 will bring debut projects for Chubb Rock and Wordsmith’s “Bridging the Gap” Album and Wordsmith & I.N.C The Poets “A Baltimore Martini” UK Album!!

For More Info on Wordsmith visit,,,, &


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