TiRon Answers The Who, What When Where & Why’s Of The Hipster Term

What is a hipster?:

Wll, wikipedia defines it as a term used in north america to describe young, well educated urban middle and upper class adults with leftist or liberal social and political views and interests in non mainstream fashion and music. But the hood term is “a nigga in tight ass pants”.

What is a hipster rapper?: I guess a hipster rapper would be a hipster that rapped. Much like a gangster who rapped would be a gangster rapper. Thing with that is, when either become profitable, it becomes saturated with liars that don’t live the lifestyle.

From what you’ve heard, what is the cliche definition of a hipster rapper?: a dude that wears colorful streetwear clothing and rhymes about his sneakers.

Have you ever been considered one?: nah, and if so its because of the folks I’m affiliated with being called one.

Turned off?: well, I wouldn’t say I’m turned on. That would be strange lol. Everyone has opinions so I guess call me what you will, doesn’t really bother me. Unless you’re talkin shit…

Floating around: because of the new scene that’s emerging in hip hop. Its no longer fashionable to rock xxxxxxl white t’s, that’s not what the kids are doing these days and the music they listen to reflects that.

Labeled hipster or just a musician: I don’t think anyone can be labeled just one thing these days, and if so…that artist will become boring to the masses due to the fact that everything from the slang we speak, the food we eat, and the life we live is all influenced by different cultures.

Late 80 early 90 hipsters: all the gutter gangsta/hustlin/pimp rap that came out from too short, nwa, dj quik, geto boys. Because at that particular time that culture wasn’t really popular, and when it blew up…it really exploded onto the scene. Much like this “hipster” movement that’s going on now…


~ by M.I.H on November 24, 2010.

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