THE VIBE SOURCE is a web magazine original launched in June of 2006.

THE VIBE SOURCE primary purpose is to provide information, videos, and more, about hip-hop, rap and r&b combined with multiple daily updates.

The primary goal is to offer all kind of hip-hop related information by using modern technology. All information provided by THE VIBE SOURCE is free for anyone interested in hip-hop, r&b and music in general.

It is available world wide and much faster than any printed magazine. THE VIBE SOURCE is always keepin´ it real and is always here for you wherever you are. Thanks to all the returning and first time visitors for making the site such a success.

Hip-Hop and R&B for rhythm addicts!

The Dream Team

Ro.Mike – CEO  (posts) VSAdmin (posts)

O’sH – Gossip Source (posts)

DJ Cable – 2x DMC Vice Champion (posts)

YaBoyJavi – PR Pro  (posts)

jon. C – under-aged thinking (posts)

Huey – Nigerian Hip-Hop (posts)

Eli Lane – Tha God Blogger (posts)

Guest Authors

Elizabeth Stolfi aka Leezy – My Poproks  (posts)

Oliver Winkler aka O.W. Blaze – Sucker4Clothes (posts)

Kendrick Daye – Editor in Chief – Art Nouveau Magazine (posts)

Wordsmith – Rapper / Nu Revolution CEO (posts)

DJ G-Spot – The Midwest Mixtape King (posts)

3 Responses to “ABOUT”

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  3. nice blog…

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