LisaRaye Arrested

More details have emerged about the scuffle between actress LisaRaye and Michael Misick over in the Turks & Caicos islands that resulted in her arrest wednesday (August 13th). According to V-103’s Ryan Cameron, LisaRaye, who was banned from the main house, drove her car through a barricade at the house, parked her car and barged into a closed door meeting between the Premiere and his cabinet ministers.

Word is LisaRaye said, “does LisaRaye have to bite a bitch?,” before pouncing on Misick and commencing to sink her teeth into his flesh. Another man who attempted to separated the former lovers, was also bitten. Both Raye and Misick were treated for human bites at a local hospital and LisaRaye was placed under arrest. Lawd, lawd, when jumpoffs are scorned – look out!!


~ by vsadmin on August 15, 2008.

5 Responses to “LisaRaye Arrested”

  1. Very sad!

  2. wow

  3. New News is that Misick was awarded a restraining order against LisaRaye which was served on her by local police today, also, she was in the custody of the Police last night until 11pm last night and later she was released. Apparently the Minister has known about her cheating with Gray Payton for sometime and is now building a case against her for fraud and blackmail. LisaRaye is going to jail

  4. I wonder why HE (misick) wasn’t arrested?!!

  5. […] we previously reported about LisaRaye’s physical altercation with Michael Misick. just dropped […]

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