Drake – Ransom feat. Lil’ Wayne

Here’s a new one from Toronto’s own Drake. Newly signed to Young Money, Drake dropped this heat with Lil’ Wayne, Ransom. Both of them strong bodies the beat with Wayne dropping lines insisting that Drake and him both wrote for Detox. With Wayne doing what he does best, turns rambling into crazy punchlines mixed in with weird noises.

I swear this dude stays working…seems like every other day he’s dropping something, and it’s always pretty fresh. Is it me or do they make a pretty solid team?

Listen/Get: Drake – Ransom feat. Lil’ Wayne


~ by vsadmin on September 5, 2008.

11 Responses to “Drake – Ransom feat. Lil’ Wayne”

  1. Yo drake is a beast for real
    weezy and drake both killed it
    sick song
    hell yea they make a good team
    crazy flow crazy lyricism
    and sick word play

  2. hey lil wanye my name
    is jasmine strange im you beggest fan and all my friends is starting to hate me and got a new boy friend and everyone is geting jeles so i wonder can you help me and i wonder if you get this letter call me at 452-5554 or 979 -0775 number by.

  3. i love you for you are.

  4. and send me a letter

  5. and im so sorry your dauater died and i fell like i want to cry and i away cry when i talk to about it.

  6. hey why havent you send me a letter.

  7. and know you cant send me a letter and do you hate me?

  8. was up?you is so cool im ur bigest fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Yo dis jaink is striaght fire. Wayne and Drake killed this track

  10. yo lil wayne u maa idol man,ive been listening 2 u since u came owt wit “Tha Block Is Hot”i wuz onlii lyke 4yrs old n i remember wen u werent as popular n now u dee best rapper alive,dat shyte iz crazy man,if u read dis ma E-mail adress iz “brian1600@hotmail.com”message mii,i noe u hear dis everyday but im ur biggest fan!!

  11. this is a good song. wayne and drake did do a good job. drake is just pure talented with his vocab…just wonderful. I’m watching this kid since he branched and started his solo career as a rapper. I just want to know when he going in concert in the States. (prefer NC) i’m still watching…He cant do anything but go up from here

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