NEWS RELEASE: Wordsmith to Release “Bridging the Gap” US Album with Chubb Rock & “A Baltimore Martini” UK Album 2nd Quarter of 2009






(New York, NY/Baltimore, MD, February 18th, 2009) Welcome everyone to the New Year of Hope, 2009! These next 12 months may just prove to be the beginning of a better life here on Earth and especially in America. In this land where dreams come true with hard work and dedication, we at Nu Revolution Entertainment have wasted no time with our push of Indie Grind Sensation Wordsmith.

For Wordsmith fans across the United States we promise to provide you with great things in ’09. On 12/23/09 a digital distribution contract for Chubb Rock & Wordsmith’s “Bridging the Gap” Hip-Hop album was signed with Go Digital Entertainment while on ­­­­­­­­­2/9/09 a similar deal was made with Unruly/Koch Records for physical distribution.

Chubb had this to say about the deal: “The Bridging the Gap album has to be one of the most creative projects I have ever had the honor of being involved in. I think I represented the Golden Era very well and though Wordsmith represents the new school, he has such a great knowledge and approach to his lyrics as well as his spirit on the whole album. This album is a keeper, just like Paid in Full, 3 Ft. High and Rising, you need The Bridging The Gap album…”

In response Wordsmith had this to say about Chubb: “As we all know Chubb Rock is a Hip-Hop icon, so for him to ask an unsigned artist like myself to make this Bridging the Gap album I was shocked at the time. Chubb could have chosen a hot signed artist or just drop a brand new solo album first, but he wanted to make his return to the game through the collab project we did instead. For two artists who never stepped into an actual studio together during the writing and recording phase of the album, we both believe it could be a Hip-Hop classic.

For fans of Wordsmith across the Atlantic we have another collaboration album for you. Baltimore artist, Wordsmith, and Dutch artist I.N.C. The Poet, signed a digital distribution deal on 9/19/08 with Dented Records in the United Kingdom to release their album “A Baltimore Martini” and Word is currently working on a 3 year P&D Deal with the major UK distributor Pickwick group for the album/other projects as well. This unique concept album is Hip-Hop in its truest form and with it we hope to cement our artist Wordsmith as an international superstar.

Word had some words to say on the overseas project and I.N.C.: “Growing up with a father that was in the armed forces for over 25 years, I have lived in numerous countries and experienced a wide range of cultures…it was natural for me to want an album deal overseas. The great thing about working with INC was he is very conceptual and it gave me an chance to put together a whole project that tells a story and incorporates life experiences people can relate to.”

I.N.C. had this to say about working with Word: “Word and I were on a similar train of thought and I decided to ask him if he was up for doing an album together… that’s when we came up with the Baltimore Martini idea. For me personally this was a major step forward within my musical career as it would help me get my music out to the countries I felt would most appreciate my music, the US and the UK. So I am grateful that I have the opportunity to work with Word and the extremely talented group of people within the Nu Revolution Camp.”

Look for both of these albums to hit stores and the internet in the second quarter of 2009! And stay up to date with all things Wordsmith & Nu Revolution as we work towards the release of his solo album “Vintage Material.” Thank you and have a prosperous New Year!


~ by wordsmithmusic on February 18, 2009.

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