PROMO RELEASE #1: Chubb Rock & Wordsmith Feat. Kimia Collins-Back In (Produced by Strada) & Footage of Chubb Rock LIVE on Jimmy Kimmel w/K’Naan!!!

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Chubb Rock LIVE on Jimmy Kimmel (Click)

Chubb Rock & Wordsmith LIVE on Jimmy Kimmel June 5th!!

Chubb Rock & Wordsmith will start releasing exclusive promo tracks that are unavailable on their album “Bridging the Gap,” over the next few months for the fans, bloggers, major hip hop sites and tastemakers. This will culminate with a mixtape called “A Crack in the Bridge” due to drop in June, so keep it locked as Chubb & Word seek to bridge the gap between the old school and new school era’s.

Watch out for Wordsmith flooding the streets and online in 2009 with his HipHopDX sponsored mixtapes: Chubb Rock & Wordsmith “A Crack in the Bridge” / “The 2009 Mid-Year Review” and “The 2009 Resolution & Re-Cap.” Also be on the look out for Chubb Rock and Wordsmith’s “Bridging the Gap” album and Wordsmith & I.N.C The Poets “A Baltimore Martini” UK album coming in the second quarter of 2009!


NEWS RELEASE: Wordsmith to Release “Bridging the Gap” US Album with Chubb Rock & “A Baltimore Martini” UK Album 2nd Quarter of 2009

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(New York, NY/Baltimore, MD, February 18th, 2009) Welcome everyone to the New Year of Hope, 2009! These next 12 months may just prove to be the beginning of a better life here on Earth and especially in America. In this land where dreams come true with hard work and dedication, we at Nu Revolution Entertainment have wasted no time with our push of Indie Grind Sensation Wordsmith.

For Wordsmith fans across the United States we promise to provide you with great things in ’09. On 12/23/09 a digital distribution contract for Chubb Rock & Wordsmith’s “Bridging the Gap” Hip-Hop album was signed with Go Digital Entertainment while on ­­­­­­­­­2/9/09 a similar deal was made with Unruly/Koch Records for physical distribution.

Chubb had this to say about the deal: “The Bridging the Gap album has to be one of the most creative projects I have ever had the honor of being involved in. I think I represented the Golden Era very well and though Wordsmith represents the new school, he has such a great knowledge and approach to his lyrics as well as his spirit on the whole album. This album is a keeper, just like Paid in Full, 3 Ft. High and Rising, you need The Bridging The Gap album…”

In response Wordsmith had this to say about Chubb: “As we all know Chubb Rock is a Hip-Hop icon, so for him to ask an unsigned artist like myself to make this Bridging the Gap album I was shocked at the time. Chubb could have chosen a hot signed artist or just drop a brand new solo album first, but he wanted to make his return to the game through the collab project we did instead. For two artists who never stepped into an actual studio together during the writing and recording phase of the album, we both believe it could be a Hip-Hop classic.

For fans of Wordsmith across the Atlantic we have another collaboration album for you. Baltimore artist, Wordsmith, and Dutch artist I.N.C. The Poet, signed a digital distribution deal on 9/19/08 with Dented Records in the United Kingdom to release their album “A Baltimore Martini” and Word is currently working on a 3 year P&D Deal with the major UK distributor Pickwick group for the album/other projects as well. This unique concept album is Hip-Hop in its truest form and with it we hope to cement our artist Wordsmith as an international superstar.

Word had some words to say on the overseas project and I.N.C.: “Growing up with a father that was in the armed forces for over 25 years, I have lived in numerous countries and experienced a wide range of cultures…it was natural for me to want an album deal overseas. The great thing about working with INC was he is very conceptual and it gave me an chance to put together a whole project that tells a story and incorporates life experiences people can relate to.”

I.N.C. had this to say about working with Word: “Word and I were on a similar train of thought and I decided to ask him if he was up for doing an album together… that’s when we came up with the Baltimore Martini idea. For me personally this was a major step forward within my musical career as it would help me get my music out to the countries I felt would most appreciate my music, the US and the UK. So I am grateful that I have the opportunity to work with Word and the extremely talented group of people within the Nu Revolution Camp.”

Look for both of these albums to hit stores and the internet in the second quarter of 2009! And stay up to date with all things Wordsmith & Nu Revolution as we work towards the release of his solo album “Vintage Material.” Thank you and have a prosperous New Year!


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“The Rave

Produced by Professa



Watch out for Wordsmith flooding the streets and online in 2009 with his HipHopdx sponsered Mixtapes Chubb Rock & Wordsmith “A Crack in the Bridge” “The 2009 Mid-Year Review,” and “The 2009 Resolution & Re-Cap” Also, be on the look out for Chubb Rock and Wordsmith’s “Bridging the Gap” Album and Wordsmith & I.N.C The Poets “A Baltimore Martini” UK Album coming in the second quarter of 2009!!

Wordsmith-Guerilla Marketing: My Daily Grind Part 5

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Welcome to 2009 ladies & gentlemen, so let me kick off the year with a spankin’ new Guerilla Marketing blog. I figured I would touch on a little street promo with numerous tactics that will increase your street presence.

In 2008, I released four sponsored Mixtapes that were only available via the web. Well, come March I will be servicing my Mixtapes to regular stores like DTLR (Downtown Locker Room), Record & Tape Traders, Gas stations and more. Notice, I mentioned the smaller chain stores over the bigger one’s and that is for a reason. Mom and pop stores are more willing to cut a deal or work with an artist because they are not dealing with major labels or manufacture’s most of the time. Though this will only be going down in the DC, MD, & VA on my end, I think it’s important to have some type of street presence; the trunk of the car isn’t working anymore. . To accomplish this I plan on providing the stores with everything from the CD Stands to the actual CD’s. An artist might go wrong by asking a store to help shelve something like a Mixtape, but I think a stronger relationship can be built by showing a store you can manufacture and keep a store stocked with your product. To do this, I would contact The Wondertwinz at and get 500 to 1,000 Mixtapes with covers at .65 cents a pop or you can get a laser CD printer from EPSON for $99, buy the slim jewel cases yourself from Office Depot, and purchase 5,000 covers at I would say hit The Wondertwinz up unless you can find a better company to beat there prices.

Moreover, appearance and professionalism are very important and that’s where the CD stands come into play. Sure, it’s easy to just lay your CD’s next to the register of a store, but think about how many times they will get moved by customers looking at them, store employees relocating them, or even worst trashing your project. By getting the CD stands to place your Mixtapes in, it keeps the register area clean for the stores that carry the project, it makes it easier for customers to look at the CD’s and place them back in there original location, and most of all it makes you look like a legit artist. Best part is you can cop 50 CD stands for $35 at I would throw in some promo cards to give to the store in case you run out of stock at some point as well; cop those at ClubFlyers for free at

Finally, let’s talk about when you should or shouldn’t sell your Mixtapes. I will keep this cut and dry, if you have a following consider selling your Mixtapes from $5 to $10. If you’re just starting or a mid-level artist try selling your Mixtapes for a $1 or more importantly for free. Yeah, you will take somewhat of a hit money wise going the free route, but at least you will get the music in peoples hands. Selling them for a $1 can help you recoup some money as well if you stock 50 CD’s in at least 4 stores, you’ll make a least $200 back. All in all, see what is best for your current status in the industry and the streets.

The internet is still the best resource to gain exposure and touch more people at one time, but you still need to get the music to the people who don’t have internet access as well. The best way to do this is by matching your internet Mixtape releases with a hardcopy one also, so let’s all get to work, whooooo!!!


HipHopdx Presents Wordsmith-“The 2008 Resolution & Re-Cap” Mixtape Out Now!!!

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“The 2008 Resolution & Re-Cap” Mixtape

Mixed and Blended by DJ Dublee



01 The First 6 Months (prod. Capish)

02 Not A Second to Waste (prod. Street Level)

03 Senor Wordsmith (prod. Strada)

04 HipHop’s Cold Shoulder f. Black Knight & Excetera (of The Camp) (prod. Strada)

05 The Mic Breaker f. Kontact & Black Knight (prod. Professa)

06 Judged in Da Cipha f. RhymeZwell & Black Knight (prod. Professa)

07 Game, Set, Point f. Skyzoo, UnLearn, Donny Goines & RAtheMC (prod. Street Level)

08 Levitation f. D-Dub, Kontact & Black Knight (prod. Professa)

09 The Ghost In My Dreams (prod. Guilty J)

10 That Feel Good Flow 2: The Goodness (prod. Rednaz Beats)

11 Peaceful Journey: Blue Waters f. Kimia Collins (prod. Strada)

12 Wordz for Remediez (Remix) 2004 (prod. Wigged Wax) [BONUS]

“As everyone is deciding what to do for New Years I say hey, let me fill some of your time with good music. I’ll recap my top internet releases while I seek resolutions on a variety of topics. If you’re always on the run and feel like time is of the essence, then you’ll directly relate to the Street Level produced “Not A Second to Waste”. Others will get a kick out of dreaming like they’re living the lavish life of an artist in the Strada produced “Senor Wordsmith.” Throughout the year we all experience the judgments will place upon people and the one’s we receive, so let me fill that fix with “Hip-Hops Cold Shoulder”, the Professa produced “Judged in Da Cipha” and “Game, Set, Point.” For the times you felt confused and lost seek the light of “Levitation” and the Guitly J produced “The Ghost in My Dreams.” Finally, find forgiveness and let those resolutions shine bright with the Rednaz Beats produced “That Feel Good Flow 2: The Goodness, “Peaceful Journey: Blue Waters,” and the Wigged Wax produced “Wordz for Remediez Remix 2004.”

As I take a breath…let me introduce ya’ll to the people who took part in project. Big thanks to Excetera, DonnyGoines, Skyzoo, UnLearn, RAtheMC, & Kimia Collins for blessing me with some bars for the mixtape. A special thanks goes to my crew, The Nu Revolution Camp. Much luv to my cousin Black Knight and my boys Kontact & D-Dub for believing in my product throughout 2008 and beyond. You guys have hung on so far, so lets make an ode over the internet and to millions of people to make great music, be professional, and do what doesn’t seem possible to the average artist. I’m leading the way, just follow my lead and lets build the blueprint to success together.

Next, I have to shout out the producers!!! I am honored to be able to work with my brother Professa through this music, but in the end he is my number one fan as well. He is the definition of a big brother and a friend. Next , I have to show luv to my homie Strada up in Canada for having faith in me for the last 4 years of this grind. We will make alot of hits together and form that epic team like the greats. Next, my homies in Sweden, Street Level, thanks for providing those street heaters for me. You guys embody the essence of 90’s Hip-Hop and soul. Finally, I have to take a bow to my homie Capish in Poland for being my engineer and one of my producers for the past 4 years. This guy represents Nu Revolution to the fullest and is honored to be apart of it. Pish puts up with my annoying sense of detail during the mixing of my tracks and for that alone, I bow to you my man. I can’t forget to thank my man Rednaz Beats for blessing me with his European style of Hip-Hop and I plan to make some hits with him as well. I want to clap it up for Guilty J for providing the beat that brought “The Ghost in My Dreams” story to the light. I’m picky about who I work with, but bravo homie. In closing, I will take another bow to my first and only Deejay to date DJ Dublee. This is the first time he has done a mixtape of this caliber and he killed it. He delivered my mixtape with the seriousness of DJ Premier. He only had a day as well and he did a great job.

My next to last shout out goes to my man DJ Andrew in Boston. He offered his services to me 4 years ago and he is hands down one of the loyalist people I have met in my lifetime. That’s the funny thing too because I have never met him or even spoke to him on the phone, but he has been my Web Tech for sometime and he has never let me down. I know this, I will make sure that guy is rich one day.

For the finale, I want to say thanks to HipHopDX for Supporting all 4 of my mixtape releases in 2008. I am an unsigned artist on the grind and they saw enough in me to support my product. Still, it was my man Joel (Shake) who for the past year and half has given me a forum on the biggest Hip-Hop site on the net. He is the blueprint for the old school A&R, the one who actually still listens to music and would check a band out LIVE to see if they were worth signing. I look forward to alot more work with you guys in 2009 and beyond.”Wordsmith

In 2009 look for the brand new mixtapes from Chubb Rock & Wordsmith, A Crack in the Bridge mixed and blended by DJ King Assassin; Wordsmith‘s Music for the Masses and 2009 Mid-Year Review; The Nu Revolution Camp‘s Flag of Our Fathers & The 2009 Recap & Resolution Mixtape. Also, look for Word‘s debut albums Bridging the Gap with the legendary Chubb Rock, A Baltimore Martini (UK Album with I.N.C The Poet) and his personal debut Vintage Material.

Twizted Mind – Declaration Of Rap (download)

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Twizted Mind keeps blazin’ ahead hardcore. After the Lyricist of the Year win at The Ohio Hip Hop Awards, nobody can seem to stop this brotha!!!!
Twizted Mind – Declaration Of Rap
Get It Now….May Never See This Joint Again!!!!

for more info
Da Entourage DJ’s

DJ G-Spot & Rain – Here Comes The Rain Again (download)

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The Talent Finder series is back!!!! DJ G-Spot is taking his game on the road and showing ya’ll how to really do this shit and do it right. G-Spot links up with the Boss Of North Carolina, RAIN, to bring you that heat for the new year.

DJ G-Spot & Rain

01. Rain Intro
02. Can You Feel It
03. Feel Me
04. Never See Me Sweat
05. Take My Breathe Away
06. It’s Me
07. Swagga Like Us feat Traffic & Big Cas
08. Missed Again
09. You Already Know
10. Get Up
11. Lots Of Lovin’
12. Rain Talent Finder Interlude
13. So Damn Ugly
14. Director’s Chair
15. Get It In
16. Rain Fire Interlude
17. Round The World feat Krillz & Lure
18. Make It
19. Top Come Down
20. What’s That White Stuff
21. Get Away
22. Some People Hate
23. Where The Cash At
24. Chasing The Night Life
25. Wow
26. Rain Contact Info Outro